Skjaldarvik guesthouse and tourist service is a family business. We put our lives and souls in it. Óli, Dísa and our girls, Klara, Katrín and Sunneva, will offer you a warm welcome.

Óli (oli@skjaldarvik.is) is a tourism specialist from the University of Iceland with a strong interest in horses. He has taken on various jobs related to land and people and Icelandic nature.

Dísa (disa@skjaldarvik.is) is a graphic designer from Akureyri Art School (Myndlistaskólinn á Akureyri). She is a great idea builder and interested in everything related to design, gardening and cooking.

Klara is an athletic 25 year old girl who has been around horses since she was born. The last few summers she has been working around horses, in the riding tours and riding school. She is particularly talented in her approach to both horses and kids.

Katrín is 19 years old, born on February 29, 2000, so only four times has she had the chance to celebrate her real birthday. Katrín helps with everything around the “farm”.

Sunneva is 17 years old and enjoys nothing better than the countryside. She‘s a very industrious and clever girl and she will show you to your room or go on a riding tour with you if you are lucky.