Starfsumsˇkn / Job application

Starf / Job: SkjaldarvÝk fer­a■jˇnusta - Almenn umsˇkn /Skjaldarvik guesthouse and activities - General Application.

Please note you have to be a part of the EU or Shengen to be allowed to work in Iceland.

Mynd ■arf a­ fylgja umsˇkn, h˙n ■arf a­ vera ß forminu JPG(JPEG) / Please attach JPG(JPEG) picture
If you don┤t have SSN you can apply for one as soon as you get a contract.

VInsamlega merki­ Ý ■au box sem henta / Please mark in as many boxes as you want

Vinsamlega haki­ vi­ ■au tungumßl sem ■i­ geti­ haldi­ uppi samrŠ­um ß / Please mark the language(s) that you can have a conversation in.
VÝsi­ ekki til VIna e­a skyldmenna, vÝsi­ til ■eirra sem ■ekkja ■ig vel Ý starfi / Please do not refer to friends, refer to someone who knows you as an employee or co-worker.
Skrßi­ nřjustu menntun Ý efstu lÝnu. BŠti­ vi­ lÝnum eftir ■÷rfum. / Please record latest education first. Add lines as needed. In case of studies outside Iceland please state school and degree in "comments".
Skrßi­ nřjasta starfi­ Ý efstu lÝnu og bŠti­ vi­ lÝnum eftir ■÷rfum./Please record latest job first. Ad lines as needed

═ bo­i eru eins og tveggja manna herbergi me­ a­gangi a­ sameiginlegu eldh˙si og snyrtingu / We have single and double rooms with shared kitchen facilities and bathrooms.
Please send your Curriculum Vitae or other documents here.