Skjaldarvik is in 5 km (3.1 miles) driving distance north of Akureyri ľ see map here (Skjaldarvik marked as A on the map).

Driving north on the Ring Road (1) from Akureyri, as if you were going to Reykjavik, you turn right after 4 km (2,5 miles), onto road 816, áfor about 500 meters, then you turn right and after 600 meters you have now reached your destination at Skjaldarvik Guesthouse.

If you are coming from the other direction, á(from Reykjavik), you turn left about 4 km (2.5 miles) before you reach Akureyri onto road 816.

Gps: 65░ 44,024'N, 18░ 9,781'W (ISN93: 538.397, 582.058)

You have reached your destination! Welcome to Skjaldarvik.

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