Trash to Treasure

Trash to treasure

Skjaldarvik farm  is a family company, we are Oli, Disa and our three daughters Klara, Katrín and Sunneva.

In the old days Skjaldarvik was a nursing home but in the spring of 2010 our family rented the building here and opened a guesthouse.

Now we not only run the guesthouse, we also provide horsebackriding tours, buggy tours and during the summer the restaurant is also open.

We try to be as environmentally friendly as we possibly can. We use old furniture that we change and improve. We make and bake a lot of the food ourselves; we bake bread and cake and grow our salads and herbs in the summer.

We wash our laundry and try not to iron. If guests stay more than one night we do not go in their rooms to change the sheets unless they ask us to do so.

We take care of ourselves, our guests, staff, and cooperation and always keep the environment in mind.

Trash is our treasure and we try to re-use everything. In our shop you can find a lot of things made from old stuff.  

We sure hope that you will like our philosophy and will get inspired after visiting us and go back home with some new ideas for your home.