Bike rental

Mountain bikes for rent - only for our guests at Skjaldarvík guesthose

Nice bikes for off road, enjoy your day cycling around the area. 

Skjaldarvik is a perfect place to start your bike adventure. We have different bike trails along the fjord, through our Icelandic forest, leading up the fjord to the ancient trading port of Gasir, trials winding under the mountains and into the local valleys, to nearby fishing towns and whale watching. We can help provide local knowledge on the best routes to match your biking experience.

Within Akureyri, Kjarnaskógur has many bike trials winding through the trees and into the mountains and is the starting point for longer bike routes up towards Súlur mountain and the valleys beneath it. Longer routes include leaving Akureyri and exploring the dramatic valleys as you journey towards Laugeland before returning to the city.

A bike is fantastic and convenient way to get around when exploring the city of Akureyri and the surrounding area.

If you need more information - feel free to get in touch.


  • One hour - ISK 1.000.-
  • Half day (4 hours) - ISK 2,900 
  • One day, up to 24 hours - ISK 4,500