Horseriding-lesson for kids


We offer a "Horse Lesson" for kids, where kids get to know the horse, and in the end go for a little riding tour.

We plan the lessons especially for each one so it is slightly different what we do each time.

Most of the time, we feed the horses bread together, let the kids brush the horses, teach them how to go left and right and stop the horse. We walk in front of the horse and let the kids follow and in the end we take a little riding tour with the kids.

After the lesson the kids and there parents are welcome to come into the guesthouse and have a cup of hot chocolate, tea or coffee and cake and for the once that are not in a hurry they are welcome to dip into our hot tub.

The course is at: 8.30 AM every day in summertime. You will need to book in advance.
Price: 5000 ISK per child
Duration: Approx. 45 minutes.