Welcome to Skjaldarvķk Guesthouse Restaurant

We take pride in providing our guests with the best local cuisine. We try to use organic, locally grown products whenever possible.

The restaurant will is open every day serving small menu  from 18:00 - 20:30.



4. Secret soup, vegetable soup, our little secret, ....1.400.-


5. Spinach filled ravioli...2.800.-

w. cherry tomatoes & sundried tomatoes

6. Fish of the day...3.600.-

Salad on the side and potatoes

7. Steak of the day...4.900.-

w. potatoes and garnish


Ice & fire, warm chocolate cake, with ice cream....1.500.-

9. Cake of the day...990.-

Happy Hour from 16:00 - 18:00 where you can have draft beer and house wine for 50% discount! and at the same time we offer Try and taste menu with courses that are good to share like Tasting plate, spinach dip with nan bread and baked brie cheese.